David Tyree may have been the big name of the Super Bowl, serving the New York Giants pace the previously successful New England Patriots, but in my eyes, Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez is the greatest NFL winner. His squad may not have ready-made the Super Bowl, but as The Wall Street Journal just this minute reported, Gonzalez verified that a field game musician can be effectual lacking eating heaping helpings of meat, eggs, and dairy products. Gonzalez has accepted that the meat-heavy diet routinely eaten up by contact sport players can front to weighty well-being problems, as well as intuition illness and cancer, and is promoting plant-based foods.

A number of some other administrative athletes and Olympic superstars have touted the benefits of lacto-vegetarian and vegetarian diets. Four-time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl, powerlifting title holder Bill Mannetti, 1951 Mr. America Roy Hilligenn, Stan Price, the world-record holder in stall press, and football game recitalist and Heisman Trophy-winner Desmond Howard all reportedly did not eat meat. These powerhouses aren't alone-some of the strongest animals, specified as apes, elephants, and giraffes, are herbivores.

International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation and International Natural Bodybuilding Association muscle-builder Robert Cheeke is possibly the world's peak well-known lacto-vegetarian musclebuilder and touristy greatness tutor Mike Mahler says that "Becoming a vegetarian had a thoughtful consequence on my homework. ... [M]y stand compress excelled historic 315 pounds, and I noticed that I cured more faster. My natural object fat besides went down, and I put on 10 pounds of wizen contractile organ in a few months."

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Other vegetarian athletes, with court game genius Martina Navratilova and Dave Scott, a six-time knockout of the Ironman triathlon, have continually beaten their carnivorous competitors. Swimmer Murray Rose, a lacto-vegetarian since birth, has six Olympic medals. Debbie Lawrence is an Olympic racewalking champ, and discus throwster Al Oerter has won at most minuscule 4 Olympic gilded medals. A decent eater fare helped impel cuckold Olympic gold bars medallist Edwin Moses concluded the hurdles, and Olympian Carl Lewis has said that his most advantageous twelvemonth of line enmity was the early period of time that he ate a lacto-vegetarian diet.

Famed Argentinian soccer netkeeper Carlos Roa, was nicknamed, "La Lechuga," meaningful "The Lettuce," because of his severe vegetarian fare. Bill Walton and Robert Parish, two of the paramount court game players of all time, were vegetarians, and John Salley, another white-collar basketball game star, is a lacto-vegetarian. So is ultra-marathon man Dom Repta, who has run 100 miles in simply underneath 20 work time.

Australian Cricket virtuoso Greg Chappel besides abstains from animal animal tissue and physical by-products and cuss orthopteran genius Anil Kumble has expose for a PETA commercial promoting diet. Says Anil, "Vegetarianism saves animals' lives and can't be measure for maintaining a contractile organ organic structure and edifice endurance. Vegetarian provisions contains all the vitamins and protein you need to be at your unsurpassed and is unconstrained of all the fat, cholesterin and toxins recovered in food."

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It doesn't situation if you're musical performance for fun or playing for championships, if you want to excel, preparation rock-solid and eat a fine vegetarian diet. See for recipes that are fit for a champ!

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