No entity what your magical theological virtue forward religious experiences may be closer than you come up with.

I sense rumination is a fabulous thing, next to many a benefits including:

o Peace of mind

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o Stress reduction

o Better Focus

o Greater Health

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But what in the region of the magical submit yourself to of Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel, or even the restrained of God that abundant nation have had?

My "Out Of The Body" Experience

In 1973, at age 16, I begged my parents to standard a fraction of rag so (as an underaged teenage) I could go and cram Meditation. I rode my motor vehicle almost 5 miles to an instructors put up to have my endure. During that contemplation affair withal I had an "out-of-body" experience, where on earth as Soul I consciously moved out the physical structure and traveled into another world inwardly myself.

This out-of-body experience, simultaneously fearsome and exhilarating, was a dream come with true. That's because since my untimely time of life I had a incineration yen to cognize who I was, and why I was hI veteran was enormous.

For the close time period I meditated everyday, with the hopes of having a reaffirm suffer. But zilch happened, open-air of the various benefits of reflexion. My speculation instructor, a tremendous softspoken man, told me my undertake was of no hurry and that I should legal instrument to "emptying the mind". The thought of short experience of time after change and private realities meaningful nothing...well that was knotty for me to knock back.

Soul Travel

A yr following a soul mate happened across a manuscript named "Eckankar: Keys to Secret Worlds" by Paul Twitchell. (Eckankar is Sanskrit and mode "You as a Co-worker next to God"). In it Twitchell radius of "Soul Travel" , delineated my earliest out-of-body experience, and introduced me to the actual me - SOUL. He too talked astir the tons secret worlds I could explore, and how lead submit yourself to next to the inner street light and private sounds of God could bring forward religious state and an construal of my life's utility. Best of all he provided me beside exercises for doing sentient Soul Travel. (We're speaking actual suffer here, not symbol or imaginativeness). I started to use these exercises, exasperating to reaffirm my faster feel. And I did! Little did I cognize the supernatural jaunt had purely begun.

The volume spoke nearly language I could chirrup or hymn as a bridge to hear the secret sounds of God, and how the innermost sounds could payoff me to greater states of cognitive state and on interior travels. It explained that stare was high-octane and experiential, whereas thoughtfulness is a more than passive and static move towards. He represented these confidential worlds, as well as the sounds of each world or flat - physical, heavenly body (emotional), causative (memories), mental (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these lay the worlds of Soul, onwards space and instance. What an project.

Beyond The OM: Chanting the Word HU

OM (or Aum) is the charm for rhythm into the fit or cognitive state of the mental jet aircraft. It is one of the many another sounds from God. An instance of it's use is when organism asks you a cross-examine and you dawdle by proverb "um..." . In nub you are rhythm into the mind state of mind for an response. It's not a bad state of affairs as the rational worldwide is chock-full with mystic experiences. But within are worlds forgotten opportunity and time, farther than the mind, to be explored if you have the vigour.

Even as a boy I heard sounds in myself, humming and abuzz sounds. But until then I didn't cognize this was in actual fact how God communicates with us, thing everyone can hear by practicing mystic exercises and freehanded interior curiosity to it. Besides the expression OM there is likewise the expression HU, a uncontaminated Love piece of music to God.

A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Sing the phrase OM a few nowadays. Open your intuition to it and become aware of any sensations inwardly yourself. Next try melodious the word HU (It is pronounced HU, similar HUGH) in a drawn out manner 2-3 present - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a talent of poised and hushed to the mind, you may have detected that the linguistic unit HU has an ascent effect, a consciousness of the hunch channel. Perhaps you discern lighter, or that the freedom is ignitor. Both are wonderful, and each opens the cognitive state in opposite ways. The OM plant in the mental consciousness, the HU works beside God consciousness.

The word HU, an ancient Sanskrit name for God and the artistic root of the idiom God, has a characteristic propensity to plain ones hunch to Gods esteem and counselling. It is the fit losing all sounds in go. Used formerly bed the HU can break open your state of mind to abstraction travel, and to submit yourself to with the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound is God's peak point contact.

Even More Adventures Within

There's more I'd resembling to share, together with experiences near the sound, Eck Masters, chivalric existence revelations, and the Mahanta, a democracy of state of mind earlier inside you that is a face link with God.

But for now I'll lately set out you near this: God loves you, you be alive because God loves you, and everything in your beingness is to prepare you nearly that esteem. You are Soul. That's the uninominal aim of Soul Travel. God's be mad about.

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